Dee Waugh Stomaltherapy Services

Practice Number: 0902207

A member of the ForteAbility group, Dee Waugh Stomaltherapy Services has been successfully delivering quality stoma, wound, fistula and continence care nursing to hospitals and patients in the Southern suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa since 2001.

Our consulting rooms are situated at 72 Second Avenue, Harfield Village, Claremont, Cape Town.

Our registered nurses have specialised in the care of patients with stomas, wound, fistula and continence care needs and are registered with the South African Nursing Council (SANC) and are members of South African Stomaltherapy Association (SASA), Wound Healing Association of South Africa (WHASA), World Council of Enterstomaltherapists (WCET®) and the Society of Private Practitioners (SPNP). Collectively we have over 40 years’ experience in the specialty.

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Consultations : 021 671 6742
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Meet our Specialist Nursing Team

Dee Waugh

Practice Owner and Stomaltherapist

Anneké Bowley


Lize Pellencin


Zonke Malose


Magda Foster